Acces Control

The access control systems are widely used because they not only help to control entry to restricted areas but also allow us to monitor attendance and staff time spent within the premises of the company.


The access control systems allow you to set and control access levels, a task without an electronic system like this would be very tedious. Similarly, the system can provide the access information and situations occurred in each of the control points.


The use of access control systems represents multiple benefits:


1) Increase security within the designated area as it decreases the chances that outsiders from accessing the area being monitored.


2) Reduce unnecessary movement of personnel in specific areas.


3) Audit all kinds of events such as access, intrusion alarms, locks or access attempts by individuals intrusive.


 4) Set the access time restrictions.


 5) Allow integration with other security systems such as CCTV systems, alarms, etc. Importantly, the access control systems are supplemented with other means for carrying out physical blockage.


6) Aid to control: control of the amount of overtime, absenteeism management and detection of anomalous situations as meeting of the working day.