AtoN Monitoring

KMS has developed open architecture AtoN (Aid to Navigation) remote monitoring systems that address the needs of Lighthouse Authorities for monitoring their aids to navigation:

    *Buoys  cape wickham external

    *Solar Powered Beacons

    *Historic Lighthouses

    *Tide Gauge Systems

    *DGPS Sites

    *Radar and

    *AIS Systems.


KMS Remote Monitoring Systems can monitor:

    *Power Supply inputs

    *Load Currents & Voltages (Multiple Loads)

    *Position (GPS)

    *Lens Rotation Speed.

    *Fault Conditions

    *Data Integrity and

    *Site Security.

Remote Monitoring systems designed by KMS can also be customized to monitor a variety of other parameters.  Data can be delivered via satellite and mobile networks to customers anywhere in the world over a Web Interface.