One of KMS’s core capabilities is in the area of visual signalling.  Lighted aids to navigation are used for key navigational points.  Beacons and Lights range from long range systems for the purpose of marking landfalls or coastal passages and channels.  Shorter range lights are found for example on harbour and river entrances.


KMS staff has been involved for many years in the design of visual signals that accord with IALA recommendations.  Experience with long range visual signals and short range signals means that we can optimise visual signal designs to provide the most economic, energy efficient and effective solution for any visual signalling challenge. 


When designing long or short range signals a number of factors need to be considered including meteorological range, geographical range and nominal range.  


* Solar Powered Lighting Systems


Solar powered lighting systems are an assembly consisting of a lantern, solar panels, regulators and batteries.  These are self-sufficient systems, providing long term and reliable navigation lighting for mariners.



They are designed to be of a robust structure, easily transported and installed on land or on isolated island sites as aids to navigation. Battery enclosures are incorporated to house rechargeable storage batteries and charging controller for solar powered systems.


 These are the most common type of lighting systems installed around the world for low to medium range navigational aids on buoys and beacons.


* High Intensity LED Lighting SystemsSistemas de Iluminación - Alta Intensidad LED

High intensity LED Lighting systems are used where higher visible ranges are required. Their low power consumption makes them very adaptable to most environmental situations. LED lighting systems have high reliability, optimum performance and long service life.

KMS can provide LED lighting system solutions for a range of applications including landfall lights, lighthouses, and major beacons.


*High Precision Sector BeaconsBalizas de Alta Precisión

A high precision sector beacon is a lantern consisting of various coloured precision lenses, which provide safe navigation into critical areas. The accuracy of the light beams is very precise and highly reliable.

A high precision sector beacon is used for leading beacons, turning basins, delineation of safe and dangerous navigation zones. It is both a day Light and a Night light. Generally runs off mains power and can be solar powered in certain situations.



A Daylight is a lantern which provides a high intensity beam of light during the day and it is used to enhance the effectiveness of daymarks on lead lights for daytime visibility.

KMS can design daylighting systems according to the site’s environmental conditions and can offer both solar and mains powered solutions.