Port Management

KleinPort Solution


Kellar SA Maritime Systems (KMS), is the authorized representative of Klein Systems Group Ltd. (www.kleinsystems.com) in Central and South America.  KleinPort solution is a management information system that has been developed for the use of ports and ports authorities over the past twenty years for the use of the port authorities. The KleinPort solution is unique in the world because it is a configurable product containing over fifty integrated modules to address all aspects of port management.


KleinPort can be configured to meet the specific needs of each customer without the need for costly and complex custom made software development. It also allows adjustments through its internal management tools without additional programming. Some of the main benefits of deploying the solution KleinPort are:


 • Proven solution with a solid customer base.

 • Trained staff, with an average of ten years experience in the port industry.

 • Modular and scalable solution that can be implemented in phases.

 • Effective procedures for implementation and project management.

 • Complete set of administration tools product where the customer's computer staff is trained to handle the product independently.

 • Fifty (50) modules that can be integrated according to customer requirements.

 • Active participation of the customer during project planning.

 • Long-term commitment to provide support and updates.

 • Low risk to achieve project outcomes.


For these and many other advantages, KleinPort has become the preferred option for port authorities and maritime traffic administrations around the world.


 Klein's Experience


KleinPort is a proven system that currently manages the operations of port activities and revenue management procedures in over fifty ports around the world. Klein is an established company since 1984 and only offers solutions to the maritime industry. Klein Group is a subsidiary of the Netherlands HITT (www.hitt.nl), a company with a long tradition, which is also dedicated to providing services to the maritime industry.