Information Management and Dissemination

Information Management and Dissemination is a most important aspect or capability of a modern Maritime Vessel Tracking and Management System. Ports of just about any size will have a number of resources that must be maintained and operated in order for the overall functioning of the port. Such resources include:


*The pilots;


*Pilot transport systems, boats, in some cases even helicopters;






*Shore side ship support vehicles and utilities, power, fresh water, sewage, maintenance crews and other services;


*Berthing crews, and


*Security personnel and services. 

The cost effective management and utilisation of all types of expensive resources relies on information and knowledge. The Maritime Vessel Tracking and Management System is able to provide a constant stream of valuable data that enables the implementation of “just in time” logistics. A timely, reliable and accurate stream of data and information relating to a ship’s voyage, it cargo, its position, its accurate arrival time and the like, enable the port operator to reduce its overhead with regard to un utilised assets, it enables services to be provided only when they are absolutely needed, berths are more effectively and safely utilised and billing data can be accurate derived, delivered and securely audited. All of which contributes to the improved and continued profitability, security and safety of the port operations.


One of the biggest challenges facing port operators is to improve port efficiency to achieve an advantage over competitors.  AMS can assist in gaining an advantage by providing Port Management systems which enable personnel to allocate resources efficiently by identifying and resolving schedule conflicts early, enhancing planning capabilities with real time overviews and improving safety and security with real-time access to all maritime activities and facilities within a port community.


KMS can also assist maritime pilots within port operations by providing and integrating Pilotage Systems and Portable Pilot Units (PPU) within Port Management Systems.  Pilotage Systems and PPU’s are important tools in:

*Avoiding accidents


*Safer movement of ships through busy waters


*Avoiding berthing incidents


*Increasing the operating window in poor visibility and at night


*Used as a training aid.