Display System

The display system is a key element of the Maritime Vessel Tracking and Management System.  The display technology to be used must be carefully chosen, and whilst maintaining best value for money, it must also ensure that the operators are provided with the maximum benefit to be derived from the Human Machine (System) Interface (HMI).


Display systems can range from simple single screens mounted on desk tops, to multiple, interactive screens, some employing touch screen technology and the display system will often include the use of large scale video walls.


Display systems must be capable of displaying all of the elements that go to make up the Maritime Vessel Tracking and Management


System including:

    *the situation display;

    *control and decision support functionality;

    *integrated CCTV and RDF displays;

    *radio communication control and switching;

    *PABX functionality, and so on


The design function and capability of the display system must be considered very carefully, tailored to suit the functional and operational need and, most of all, must be carefully integrated with the overall Maritime Vessel Tracking and Management System in a holistic sense.