About KMS

Kellar Maritime Systems (KMS) is a systems integrator that designs and implements security solutions for the maritime and industrial sectors within Latin America and the Caribbean. We also provide maintenance and technical support to make sure your equipment can operate in a reliable and efficient way.


KMS is a subsidiary of Australian Maritime Systems (AMS), a leading company providing maritime security solutions worldwide.


KMS is strategically located in the Republic of Panama and has extensive experience with clients both within Panama and abroad.  


 KMS develops solutions in the following areas:


 • Vessel Traffic Systems (VTS) and its subsystems such as radars, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), radio communications, among others.


 • Maritime Surveillance Systems


 • Port Management Systems


 • Electronic Security Systems such as Access control and Video Surveillance.


 • Aids to Navigation including buoys, beacons/lights, and mooring systems.


KMS has been a leading supplier of the Panama Canal Authority for over 10 years. KMS has earned an excellent reputation for high quality and its outstanding performance in the supply, installation and maintenance of industrial and maritime security solutions. This reputation has helped KMS to establish excellent business relations with world-class companies in the industrial and maritime sectors.


KMS has completed a range of projects including:


 • Supply and Installation of a Vessel Traffic System (VTS) in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala (in progress).


 • Supply and Installation of an Automatic Identification System (AIS) in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador.


 • Supply and Installation of several maritime radars with additional GPS, ARPA and GYRO systems for the patrol boats fleet of the Panamanian Maritime Surveillance Service (SENAN).


For the Panama Canal:


• Supply and Installation of a complete Access Control System for its headquarters and its boat fleet.


• Supply and Installation of several cameras for the Panama Canal Expansion project.


• Supply and Installation of thermal cameras for the patrol boats.


• Maintenance and Technical Support for the whole CCTV system of the Panama Canal Authority.  


For more information, please visit:  www.kellar.biz


Australian Maritime Systems (AMS)


KMS is subsidiary of Australian Maritime Systems.


AMS is a world leader in maritime systems integration as evidenced by the large number of successfully completed projects worldwide. AMS has designed complex systems and integrated a number of technologies including radars, AIS, CCTV, radio communication, meteorological stations, and other equipment.


In addition to KMS offices located in Panama, AMS has regional offices in Canada, England, Turkey, Singapur, Papua New Guinea and Japan.


For more information, please visit: www.maritime-system.com