KMS has been a leading supplier of the Panama Canal Authority for over 12 years. KMS has earned an excellent reputation for high quality and its outstanding performance in the supply, installation and maintenance of industrial and maritime security solutions. This reputation has helped KMS to establish excellent business relations with world-class companies in the industrial and maritime sectors.


KMS has completed a range of projects including:

• Supply and Installation of a Vessel Traffic System (VTS) in Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala.

• Supply and Installation of an Automatic Identification System (AIS) in the Galapagos Marine Reserve, Ecuador.

• Supply and Installation of several maritime radars with additional GPS, ARPA and GYRO systems for the patrol boats fleet of the Panamanian Maritime Surveillance Service (SENAN).

For the Panama Canal:

•Supply of multiple specialized camera systems with thermal and EMCCD technology   

•Supply and Installation of a complete Access Control System for its headquarters and its boat fleet.

• Supply and Installation of CCTV, navigational aides, and thermal cameras for the Panama Canal Expansion project.

• Supply and Installation of thermal cameras for the patrol boats.

• Maintenance and technical support to the entire CCTV system in the Panama Canal

AMS has completed a range of projects for clients around the world in the areas of AtoN Maintenance and Support, AIS/VTS Systems, Metrological Systems and Sea-level Monitoring, Marine Structure Repairs, RADOME Projects, Radar, Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS), Floating Aids, Lighting Systems, Remote Monitoring and Power Systems.

AMS has completed in excess of 40 projects in 15 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.  With project turnover approaching $85 million AUD, AMS is well placed to handle large-scale projects all over the world.


Some of the most relevant projects developed by AMS are:

Canada – Supply and Installation of an AIS system for the Canadian Coast Guard.  

Turkey – Supply and Installation of an AIS system.

India – Remote operation and automation of lighthouses

Cambodia – Visual and electronic aids to navigation on the Mekong River

Papua New Guinea – Installation of an AIS system

Australia – Installation of AIS and Navigational Aids for multi-port authorities

Australia – Tsunami warning stations in Port Hedland, Gold Coast, Coral Eden, Libou and two in Solomon Islands.

Australia – VTS  System for the LNG plant in Barrow Island